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Dan is really all about learning, and collaborating and leading. As the head of Learning & Collaboration at a company of more than 40,000 team members, Dan’s made it his mission over the past four years at TELUS to shift the heavy needle towards what he calls “Learning 2.0” and “Connected Leadership”. Thanks to the remarkable efforts of Dan and his team, we’re moving beyond traditional models of learning and leadership at TELUS towards more of social, informal and participatory framework. It’s really been quite the exciting philosophical shift, especially in an organization of so many people that span such vast geographies. It’s no surprise Dan’s stellar leadership has led us to this exciting place, given his impressive background – an MBA, a B.Ed, multiple industry certifications, accreditations and notable awards. He’s also somewhat of a learning celeb! Just this year, SkillSoft awarded Dan their “Learning Leader of the Year” award, and he appeared on the covers of both T+D and Chief Learning Officer magazines. We hear if you bring him an apple, he’ll autograph one for you…but that could just be celebrity gossip.

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