10 Ways to Mind Your Mobile Manners

July is Cellphone Courtesy Month, a time when we can all reflect on our smartphone habits and use a little more decorum when it comes to using our devices.

At TELUS, we feel somewhat responsible for how close Canadians have become to their smartphones – after all, we’re enablers. But, we also know that there’s a time and a place to give in to temptation. To inspire you to put your phone down and partake in a more courteous world, here are 10 ways we can all mind our mobile manners.

15_00499-EN01_0215_00499-EN01_03Focus on what’s important – time with your bestie! Stop interrupting the conversation to check your Facebook notifications or send a quick Snapchat selfie. Give your pals the attention they deserve. Put your smartphone away and engage in some device-free, quality time.

15_00499-EN01_0415_00499-EN01_05Go mobile-free at meal-time. Avoid touching your device at dinner by playing the phone-stacking game: whoever gets hands-y first picks up the tab or washes the dishes. Now that’s motivation to focus on the food. Bon Appétit!

15_00499-EN01_0615_00499-EN01_07Boardrooms are no place to text, not even under the table. Concentrate on climbing the corporate ladder instead and switch your phone to airplane mode during meetings. Now that’s how you impress the boss!

15_00499-EN01_0815_00499-EN01_09The gym is a dangerous place for your smartphone. To avoid crushing it with a dumbbell, leave your favourite plus one in the locker room. Instead, focus on your squats and embrace a technology-free sweat session.15_00499-EN01_1015_00499-EN01_11Brandishing your smartphone on a date is a tremendous turn-off! To keep the romance alive, give your companion your undivided attention and leave your phone alone– even if it’s blowing up with notifications. Stop, in the name of love.15_00499-EN01_1215_00499-EN01_13If there’s one place your impolite cellphone use can really land you in hot water, it’s at school. Getting texty in class will quickly land you in detention. Keep your mobile in your backpack and watch your grades skyrocket – you’ll impress yourself, and mom and dad.15_00499-EN01_1415_00499-EN01_15Show time! Turn down the brightness, kill the ringer, and take a break from texting until the credits roll. At the very least, you’ll avoid a popcorn fight in the movie theatre.15_00499-EN01_1615_00499-EN01_17Don’t tinker with it in the toilet – especially before you’ve washed your hands – eww! Instead, read the paper or a magazine to pass the time.15_00499-EN01_1815_00499-EN01_19Eyeing your smartphone during an interview could cost you your dream job. Rise to the occasion and keep your device on silent so it doesn’t interrupt you while you’re busy impressing your future employer. You’re hired!15_00499-EN01_2015_00499-EN01_21While it’s tempting to crawl in bed and cuddle with your smartphone, may we suggest enjoying more pillow talk with your sweetie instead?  Leave your phone charging overnight in another room and enjoy a bedtime chat.


Whether it’s emailing the boss at midnight, disturbing the peace with a loud phone conversation on the bus or taking photos of our lunches, our relationship with our smartphones is getting serious. Exercising restraint and showing good manners can go a long way. To celebrate Cellphone Courtesy Month, we challenge you to put your device down and mind those mobile manners. It’s time we perfect our mobile etiquette!