2014: Let’s All Help to Build a Culture of Sustainability

How you can make a difference

As we all know, a new year is fast approaching. While the roll over to January 1 means nothing on a geological time scale, it does mean something on the human scale. It’s a new beginning where we are hopeful we can improve on the previous year’s shortcomings.


My fellow team member and I were brainstorming ways that we could promote sustainable living in the New Year. We didn’t want to run your typical resolution campaign, so we have a different type of challenge for you that we’re calling The TELUS 31 Day Sustainability Challenge. That’s right. We want you to consciously participate in one sustainable action for 31 days and then share it with us via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #31DaysOfGreen. You can participate with your family, get your co-workers involved or go all in solo. We’ll be providing you with helpful tips everyday starting January 1, 2014, but we want you to share your actions and ideas as well.

It’s easy, just sign up for the challenge and join us in a more environmentally conscious month, that will hopefully lead to better practices going forward for all of us.

Need some more motivation and inspiration? Here’s a Canadian icon interviewing someone that I think is one of the most brilliant ecologically minded people today. Strombo interviewing Suzuki. He’s not one to hold back.

Dom Repta is a Senior Sustainability Analyst at TELUS with over 20 years experience in sustainability and corporate social responsibility work.