A sign of hope and support: #pinkiesforpreemies

Almost six years ago, my daughter Georgia was born just after midnight via emergency c-section. Eight weeks premature, weighing only three and a half pounds and unable to breathe on her own, Georgia was immediately transferred to the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) at BC Women’s Hospital in Vancouver before I even had a chance to meet or even touch her.

Vern+GeorgiaFor five days, my daughter and I remained separated, she on a respirator in the NICU and me recovering in a different hospital. During this time, my husband spent his days in the NICU, and his evenings in the ward with me – providing that vital link I so craved, through detailed updates from the staff, along with photos and video of our new daughter.

With all the monitors, lights, tubes and unfamiliar beeping sounds, I knew the NICU could be a scary place… but despite the uncertainty and fear, I had tremendous trust in the nurses and doctors at BC Women’s to take care of Georgia in my absence. Within a week, Georgia was healthy enough to be transferred to the NICU of the hospital I was in and we finally had the opportunity to meet.













I could not have asked for a better place for my newborn child during that critical first week. The nurses at BC Women’s embody dedication and kindness, from the way they hold the babies to how they comfort concerned parents during trying times.

That personal touch, combined with the incredible technology being used enables the NICU at BC Women’s to make a difference for parents and babies facing a terrifying situation, just as they did for my family.

Help support the Newborn ICU at BC Women’s Hospital

Most of the tiny babies who arrive in the NICU were, like Georgia, simply born too soon. But, no matter how early they come, it’s never too late for hope.

That’s why TELUS is giving $600,000 to the NICU at BC Women’s over the next five years. You can help too – join TELUS to help give where we live and ensure the parents of a premature baby never lose hope.


Share a photo of your pinkie linked with a loved one using the hashtag #pinkiesforpreemies and TELUS will give $10 to the NICU at BC Women’s Hospital.*

You can also donate $10 by texting GIVEHOPE to 41010.

Last year, on her fifth birthday, I took Georgia back to BC Women’s so she could see where her life began and to thank the wonderful people who helped her through her first five days in this world.

We met a nurse who remembered Georgia from so many years ago … it’s that kind of thoughtfulness and dedication that makes the NICU a truly special place – one that I am proud to support.

Dee and Georgia


Please join me and let’s give premature babies a pinkie and a helping hand.

* Until May 12 to a maximum of 100,000.