Calling Canadian artists to create contemporary pieces for our TELUS Sky office tower in Calgary

If you happen to stop by TELUS Garden in Vancouver, you will be able to see the wonderful pieces of art created by Canadian artists Amy A. Thompson and Amelia Butcher displayed on our public floors. Those pieces were selected through a special art competition held in 2013 during the construction of TELUS Garden.

Today, as we enter the final construction stages of TELUS Sky in downtown Calgary, we are excited to once again invite Canadian artists to submit a proposal to create an original work that will be permanently displayed in our 11-story atrium.

What are we looking for?

We want to showcase original works of Canadian artists that will complement TELUS Sky’s interior design, aimed to elegantly integrate the clean, bright and friendly aesthetic of the TELUS brand with the dramatic architecture of the tower.

We are looking for six individual pieces that are united by a central concept – inspired by the sky, the atmosphere and/or regional landscapes and that will be visible to team members and visitors travelling through the atrium. Each of the six pieces must vary slightly, in terms of colour, texture, saturation and/or pattern.

The budget for this project is $150,000 ($25,000/floor). The medium of this art series is open, and candidates can submit traditional canvas pieces, low relief wall-mounted sculptures, photography, metal work or digital installations.

The proposed location for the series is a high-traffic area, and consideration must be given to durability.

If you are interested, please submit your expression of interest by December 22. Up to five candidates will be short-listed for a design competition.

More information is available here.

We are looking forward to working with the art community to bring TELUS Sky to life! Help us spread the word and share this post.