Celebrating the excellence of our Rimouski Intelligent Internet Data Centre with you

In 2011, TELUS embarked on one our company’s largest initiatives to bring world-class cloud based solutions to our customers: building two Intelligent Internet Data Centres. These world-leading facilities in Kamloops, B.C (opening summer 2013) and Rimouski, QC, are designed to help local and international businesses with one of their most important needs: managing and protecting the incredible amount of data required for their operations.

QIDC Rimouski

A green approach for our clients

Environmental responsibility is something we take great pride in at TELUS. In addition to offering superior security and reliability, we’re also committed to supporting our customers’ interests in becoming more green. And we’re doing this by offering energy-efficiency drawn on a renewable source for their data hosting needs. Our data centre is built according to LEED Gold  standards and with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15, making it one of the most eco-friendly buildings of its kind in North America. In fact, it’s 80 per cent more efficient than traditional data centres.

For example, did you know that we specifically selected the location of our data centre in Rimouski so that our facility can utilize natural cooling virtually all year long? TELUS anticipates that the Rimouski centre will require only 40 hours per year of cooling via mechanical systems. The centre’s modular design further illustrates our innovative approach, since it will allow us to rapidly increase our hosting capacity to meet our clients’ growing demand while minimizing the space occupied by the building as well as its environmental footprint.

To learn more about our Intelligent Internet Data Centre in Rimouski, check out the following video: http://teamvision.iamota.com/play/7/

You can also click here and enjoy a virtual tour of our facility.

Celebrating our success with you!

Thanks to the excellent work of our teams and partners, the Rimouski data centre has recently been recognized with two industry honors.  The first is the Prix rimouskois du mérite architectural in the “commercial, industrial or institutional building” category from the City of Rimouski. The second notable mention was received by the Uptime Institute.  TELUS was a finalist in the international Green IT Award in the “Innovation and Design” category.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to our 300 team members whose daily efforts contribute to the maintenance and advancement of our data centres, as well as the 200 members of Rimouski’s construction industry who contributed their expertise to build this world-renowned data centre.

QIDC panel

François Gratton, Tony Olvet (IDC), Lloyd Switzer and Benoit Simard at the Rimouski data centre opening.