Changing the world, one challenge at a time

What do you get when you combine the power of technology with a generation of motivated youth? The We365 community and its world-changing impact.


TELUS and Free The Children partnered in 2013 to create We365, a mobile app that empowers youth to change the world every day. Through daily challenges, volunteer tracking and a social community of likeminded do-gooders, We365 is creating a movement of change across Canadian communities…all through the power of mobile technology.


This May, in celebration of TELUS Day of Giving, We365 is declaring it volunteer month. Youth across the country will take part in weekly challenges that encourage them to lend a hand in a variety of different ways, including community support, animal welfare, education, and random acts of kindness. Through real time photos, comments and check-ins, We365’ers will document their acts of good on the app and throughout social media.

To kick off the month with a little volunteer inspiration, the We365 team recently profiled an inspiring young volunteer who is sure to get all you do-gooders motivated.

The Franco Files


At first glance, Daniel Franco seems like your typical dude– shaggy hair, big smile, loves sports. But take a closer look, and you’ll see he’s a total stand out. Daniel is on a BIG mission to help younger kids in his community build their confidence through an after-school YMCA program.

So, how did it all begin?

Daniel saw how much the Y boosted his own confidence as a kid. “When I was younger, I was way different – I struggled with expressing my thoughts, so I would show it through anger and keep it all inside.”

After spending time at the Y and learning its four core values –honesty, responsibility, caring and respect – Daniel started to practice them in this everyday life. As his confidence began to grow, he started public speaking to small groups and felt confident in his ability to express his emotions in a positive way.

It’s awesome how open and real he is. This is one of the many reasons the kids he works with can’t get enough of him. And to be honest, we couldn’t either.

Daniel regularly shares stories about his early struggles in front of giant crowds at the Y’s fundraising events (holy courage!) He makes it look more than easy. However, he admits “The first time, I was really nervous, getting all flushed. But a lot of people cheered me on and it felt really good. Second time, I felt very confident and comfortable.”

Besides giving awesome speeches to help raise money for the program, he’s also helping kids enjoy it. Group games, snacks, homework, kickball, soccer…he does it all. Daniel is a volunteering champion!

What we’re really trying to say is we need more Daniel Franco’s in the world (we may or may not be planning to clone him…keep that on the DL). But seriously, imagine a world where all of us took the initiative to be as open, dedicated, and caring as Daniel?

So, how can we all become champions in helping others?

If you don’t know where to start, no worries, We365 did the homework for you. From animals, to nature, to people – there are countless ways you can lend a hand and make your stomping grounds more stomp-able. You can download We365 in the App store.

Get out there, make the world a better place, and start your own We365 adventure.

May the volunteer hours be ever in your favour.