Coming together to make a difference

When I think about what defines us as Canadians, I’m struck by our collective passion for helping others and working together to make a difference in our communities.

logoThat’s why I’m so excited about the My Giving Moment campaign launched yesterday. It is inspired by Governor General David Johnston’s vision that the key to a kinder and more caring Canada lies in helping more Canadians use their time, talent and money to help others. The campaign hopes to help Canadians discover what they have to give.

Governor General Johnston believes every Canadian has something to give, whether it’s big or small and opportunities to give are all around us, every day.

He refers to these as giving moments – “the special moments when we see someone who needs help, something that needs changing, or other people giving. The moments when we suddenly realize that we can give, too…and the more we act on them, the better and more caring Canada will become.”

The campaign features real people telling their fellow Canadians their personal stories of giving back – inspiring others to become part of a collective effort to contribute to making our communities more caring and vibrant.

My giving moment: seeing the world through my son’s eyes

A few years ago, my son Dylan was invited by a friend to a Vancouver Canucks game. I gave him $40 to buy food and a souvenir and when he came home I asked him what he had spent his money on. He told me he had given it to a homeless man he had come across on his way into the arena. Dylan said he thought the man needed the money more than he did.

As an adult,  it’s easy to become desensitized to what’s going on around you. That night, I got to see the world through a kid’s eyes. I saw how a child views homeless people and how important my son felt it was to help this stranger have a home.

Every time I think back to this moment, I’m inspired to continue making a difference in my community and in the lives of others.

We give where we live

TELUS is no stranger to the idea that we can have a bigger impact when we all come together to make a difference. Supporting the My Giving Moment campaign was a natural fit for us. Our TELUS team is committed to giving back, and at the same time creating opportunities for our team members and customers to do the same.













I’ve seen firsthand the difference we can make when we join forces. Whether at TELUS Day of Giving, where team members across the country join to volunteer in their local communities, or through our Team TELUS Charitable Giving program, which gives our team the opportunity to support the causes that matter the most to them by making donations that are matched by TELUS, the power of lending a hand and giving back is inspiring.



Our giving philosophy is furthered by our more than 3,000 TELUS Community Ambassadors who devote their time and energy to reach out in their communities and support local needs throughout the year.

And, this past spring we encouraged our customers and neighbours across Canada to join us in spreading some good. Our Give Where We Live campaign enabled Canadians to showcase how they make a difference in their communities through photos and testimonials they posted to givewherewelive.ca.

Let’s strengthen our communities together

Building a friendly future for all Canadians depends on us all working together and I can only imagine what would happen if our entire country harnessed our collective power to give.

Join TELUS and My Giving Moment and let’s spread some good.  I encourage you to visit mygivingmoment.ca to discover and share your own Giving Moments. Read and share stories from other Canadians about giving and learn creative ways to increase your community participation.
Together we can create a movement of giving back that will make a lasting, positive impact in our communities.