Confronting our biases this International Women’s Day

Whether it is in meetings, hiring and promotion decisions, or even subtle comments, I can definitely see how our small, unintentionally biased actions could have a collective, large-scale effect on a company’s overall diversity. I am so proud to work at TELUS, where we are encouraging team members to shed light on any hidden preferences they might have: whether it be toward sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity and even personality types, in order to foster and strengthen our culture of inclusiveness and diversity.

Jill Schnarr, Vice-president, Community Affairs

I had the privilege of hearing Maya Angelou speak and I recall her saying “that which is human is not alien to me”. We are all deeply connected in our human experience and yet our unconscious biases can get in the way of accessing the richness and possibility of that connection. We cannot fix that which we aren’t aware of so making the unconscious conscious is our first step.

Kristen Rasmussen, Vice-president, People & Culture

March 8 is International Women’s Day and at TELUS, we’re raising awareness of one of the most influential and complex factors affecting diversity in the workplace today: unconscious bias.

We all carry predetermined preferences as a result of our personal upbringings, culture and surroundings that affect every decision we make. While these automatic thoughts help us filter the information we process on a daily basis, they can also slow us down when it comes to creating truly diverse workplaces.

At TELUS, we recognize that a diverse and inclusive environment better reflects the true makeup of communities in which we live and work, and this culture enables us to truly put our Customers First. We are committed to developing a diverse and accepting team through a variety of innovative programs and initiatives, including a volunteer-run Diversity and Inclusiveness Council that helps ensure that we’re promoting inclusiveness throughout the organization. Thanks in part to these efforts, we were proud to once again be named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers.

This International Women’s Day, we’re pledging to continue to create an inclusive, flexible culture. We encourage everyone to use the tools available online and in their workplaces to help continue to promote a world with gender parity and true diversity.