Connecting young people transitioning from foster care to our digital economy and society

As a father of two teenagers, it is troubling to know that there are young Canadians leaving foster care who must transition to independent living without the support of a family or the means to stay connected. At TELUS, we embrace our passionate social purpose to give where we live by empowering youth to reach their full potential. TELUS Mobility for Good is just one example of how the TELUS team is honouring our social purpose and brand promise of making the future a little more friendly for our fellow citizens, including those who need our help the most.

Beginning next month, TELUS is working with the B.C. Government’s Ministry of Children and Family Development to support young adults transitioning from foster care into independent living by providing them with a Moto G smartphone and fully subsidised TELUS Mobility rate plan. The devices will be equipped with a mobile app created by TELUS that will provide critical information and links to social, government and ministry programmes. To ensure these youth are getting the most out of their technology, we are offering digital literacy training programmes at more than 100 TELUS Learning Centres in the province. Moreover, through our national public education programme, TELUS WISE, these individuals will learn how to keep a safe digital footprint and protect their personal information and privacy.

Through Mobility for Good, we are helping young British Columbians build their independence and confidence. Equipped with TELUS smartphones, they will have the ability to stay in touch with social workers and access services and resources, such as job training and employment opportunities. Importantly, our programme will empower these individuals with a reliable contact for prospective employers, post-secondary institutions and healthcare services, as well as Internet access to explore educational apps and websites.

Our ground-breaking programme – the first of its kind in Canada – truly demonstrates the TELUS team’s passion for harnessing the power of technology to enable remarkable human outcomes. Following the launch in British Columbia, the TELUS team looks forward to bringing Mobility for Good to Ontario with the support of the Children’s Aid Foundation.

TELUS Mobility for Good builds on our TELUS Internet for Good programme introduced last fall to help low-income, single parent families in B.C. and Alberta succeed in our digital society. We are pleased to extend this programme, offering TELUS high-speed Internet for just $9.95 per month, to these transitioning youth.

These initiatives are but two of the many ways the TELUS team leverages our social innovation and human compassion to make a meaningful difference in communities from coast-to-coast. Indeed, by connecting some of our most vulnerable young Canadians to information, opportunities and each other, we are building stronger and more compassionate communities whilst creating a friendlier future in our dynamic, digital world.