Defining Real Beauty with Jennifer Chiu (@ChiuTips)

As a lifestyle and beauty vlogger I get the chance to help people define the term beautiful. When I think of beauty, I think of it as more than just skin deep. Digging a little deeper, I know our fashion choices and make-up can make us feel confident in our own skin, but I think there is a lot more to what actually makes us beautiful.

Determination and compassion are two traits that I believe really showcase someone’s beauty. In other words, how you cope when faced with adversity or how you support others when they are going through tough times.

Recently, TELUS gave make-up artist Denise Elliott and I a chance to work with Beauty Night Society, an organization which empowers women living in poverty through wellness guidance, life skills development and makeovers, and share our expertise to help out some women in need.

Working with Beauty Night Society was inspiring, but I especially wanted to share my experience with one truly inspiring and determined woman that I had the opportunity to meet and get to know.

It really was amazing to touch someone’s life directly and I wanted to thank TELUS for not only providing us with the opportunity but for donated $1000 on my behalf to Beauty Night Society to help more women make their own definition of beautiful.

I’d love to hear what you think. What do you think makes someone beautiful? Leave a thoughtful comment in the section below or tweet to @TELUS and @ChiuTips