Getting WISE about Internet and smartphone safety and security

As program lead, I am thrilled to share information about the TELUS WISE (Wise Internet and Smartphone Education) program with you. The creation of this program has been a labour of love for a number of TELUS team members, including me, since early 2012.

This program came about because we saw a growing need to educate parents about internet safety for their children. Online social networking continues to evolve, and it’s important that parents know how their children are interacting online, what the risks and pitfalls are and how they can implement security measures with their children.

Our program gives adults – our business customers and their employees – a secure environment to learn how to keep their families safe in our growing digital society, by educating them and providing them with tools that will assist them in having conversations with their kids and loved ones about online and smartphone safety.

There are two elements to the program:

* WISE seminars – More than 50 TELUS team members volunteered to be certified TELUS WISE Ambassadors. They have been fully trained to host a one hour seminar at our customers’ office for an engaging discussion about Internet and smartphone safety and security. All Ambassadors are very passionate about the program; many are parents and grandparents and are finding the participation in the program not only a great resource for their family but a way to give back to communities they work and live in.

* WISE virtual community – A secure web site that provides ongoing access to great resources, articles and training around Internet and smartphone safety and security for their families. Exclusive access to two great online training modules created by MediaSmarts are also provided – helping parents understand how their children’s use of the Internet evolves as they grow and how to teach good judgement and decision making skills.

TELUS WISE is available to our business customers and community investment partners across Canada free of charge, because it’s important for us to give where we live and building healthier and safer communities.

The program is still new, but initial feedback has been very positive. We plan to post updates – and hopefully some customer testimonials – about the program as we continue to move forward. In the meantime, if you are a TELUS business customer or community investment partner and are interested in participating in WISE, don’t hesitate contact me in the comments below or at shelly.smith AT telus.com. I look forward to hearing from you!