Giving Baby Francis a chance: a tiny patient’s story

After learning about Baby Francis and hearing about his 99 day stay in the Newborn ICU, I’m reminded of the thousands of courageous families that share a story similar to Francis’…and my own.

DSC01530Seven years ago, my daughter Georgia was born eight weeks premature, and was transferred immediately to the Newborn ICU (NICU) at BC Women’s Hospital for a week, before I had a chance to meet or even touch her. I welcome you to read my blog post from last year to learn more about my experience.

I can’t express how grateful I am to this day for the dedication and kindness showed by the nurses and doctors at BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre, as well as the incredible technology used, that got my family, my baby and me through this unplanned trying time.

Watch the Giving Baby Francis a Chance story.

An unspoken connection

IMG_1728When I hear Leah, Baby Francis’ mother, describe the shock and fear of those first few days, I am pulled back into those NICU walls – taking it one day at a time, one breath at a time.

To this day, whenever I meet a mother who has been through the NICU, no matter where they live or how long it has been for either of us, we are connected by that experience. There is no need to explain our story or what it felt like in those crucial days – we are part of an unspoken club that understands one another.

A chance right out of the gate

IMG_1844Before Georgia, I, like many, took for granted the fact that throughout our lives many of us are given a second, third, or even a fourth chance at health and happiness. The 1,400 newborns that pass through the NICU every year are fighting desperately for their very first chance.

With the right life-saving technologies, the NICU is giving its tiniest, most fragile patients that first chance right out of the gate – and we can all help.

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I’m so thankful and proud that TELUS is partnering with BC Women’s Hospital to help raise awareness and funds to empower the NICU with the advanced neonatal technologies they need to provide care to premature and critically ill newborns.

You can help us give where we live. For every Like of Francis’ video on our Facebook page, or retweet on Twitter, TELUS will give $1 to BC Women’s Hospital (up to a maximum of $70,000). These funds will be directly used to upgrade and enhance the technology needs within the NICU. So please share and help make a difference.