How are you protecting your new smartphone this summer?

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Phone drops, screen shatters, I cry

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I have a confession. Contrary to the calm, cool and collected persona I try to embody, I am notoriously clumsy. It’s not so bad when the casualty is a pen or a sandwich, but when I drop my Samsung GALAXY S5, that’s another story.

I can vividly recall the last time it happened – I was walking near the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto when I saw a really cute dog sitting by a fountain. As a budding photographer and dog lover, I quickly reached for my device to snap a photo. Amidst my rush, I failed to actually get a grip on the phone and it flew out of my hand. The next couple of seconds felt like an eternity as I watched my beloved S5 fall to the ground in slow motion and land face down. Ack!!

For anyone who has ever dropped their phone, I’m sure you can relate to that feeling of relief you get when you reach down and discover your phone remained unscathed by the incident. Although, luck doesn’t always work in our favour and I learned the hard way when I noticed the screen on my new S5 was completely shattered. It’s moments like this when you really regret not purchasing a protection plan for your $730 phone.

As a product specialist at TELUS it has been exciting to help revamp our device protection programs and bring the new and improved TELUS Device Care and Device Care Premium to life so that people like me can avoid the financial burden that comes with replacing a damaged, lost or stolen phone.

TELUS Device Care and Device Care Premium, offer even more device protection options than before and help minimize the downtime and out-of-pocket costs for customers who accidentally damage or lose their phone. Here’s the scoop on both:

  • TELUS Device Care offers device protection for all devices in TELUS’ lineup (except iPhones – we have something special for those below) for liquid or accidental damage and manufacturing defects for up to two years for $6/month or $99 upfront.
  • TELUS Device Care Premium offers device protection for all devices in TELUS’ lineup including iPhones for liquid, accidental damage or manufacturing defects for up to two years AND lost or stolen devices for $11/month or $179.

For all you iPhone users, we’ve got something for you too! TELUS is now the first Canadian carrier to offer AppleCare+ at a convenient monthly rate of $6/month for two years. Customers still have the option to purchase AppleCare+ for $99 upfront as well. More details can be found here.

And if that’s not enough, we’ve also tweaked our TELUS Upgrade Promise (T-UP!) program that launched last fall, which now extends to all devices in our lineup, giving customers the option to upgrade to any new device after just 12 months. In addition, T-UP! is now bundled with either TELUS Device Care or AppleCare+ for a low fee of $10/month.

So what’s the moral of the story? Had I purchased my Samsung GALAXY S5 with TELUS Device Care, all I would have had to do was call TELUS customer care to file a service request, pay the $49 replacement service charge and a brand new GALAXY S5 would have arrived at my door as soon as the next day. Thankfully, this hassle-free and low-cost option now exists for customers who are clumsy like me or who just want peace of mind. After all, our devices are our lifeline!

So what option is best for you? Maybe this handy chart will do the trick! Device