How I’ll be celebrating Canadian Multiculturalism Day

Today is Canadian Multiculturalism Day.

I’ll be among thousands of Canadians, and fellow TELUS team members, celebrating our rich mix of cultural heritages and recognizing the contributions of diverse cultural groups to Canadian society.

Stuffed grape leavesIn honour of Multiculturalism Day, my friends and I are going to try something new.  We’ll be meeting at a local Middle Eastern restaurant to share plates of mixed appetizers – including stuffed grape leaves, a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean specialty.

The idea to try stuffed grape leaves came to me from Michel Selim, a member of our TELUS Diversity & Inclusiveness Council.  During one of our conversations, Michel mentioned one of his favourite dishes his mother makes is stuffed grape leaves – which remind him of his childhood in Syria.

In travelling to many countries around the world, I have had the privilege to experience unique and fascinating cultures.  Allowing ourselves to open our minds to different traditions, we learn, grow and gain new perspectives  ̶  seeing opportunities and possibilities we may have otherwise overlooked.

This is a message I love to share as manager of Diversity and Inclusiveness at TELUS. I often say to new TELUS team members that we have an amazing team. Our culture is extraordinary because we recognize and appreciate that each and every one of us is different and unique. In a diverse and inclusive environment, we are naturally more supportive, engaged and innovative.  We also better reflect our communities and can understand and respond to the needs of our customers that much more.

Our progress as a diverse and inclusive organization is highlighted in our 2012 TELUS Diversity and Inclusiveness Report.

In the report you’ll find our vision of diversity and inclusiveness and some of the steps we’re taking to be an employer and service provider of choice for all.

For example, we have five resource groups made up of thousands of team members who come together to network, volunteer in their communities, participate in leadership development opportunities and deliver an enhanced customer experience:

Abilities, our team member resource group for persons with varied abilities

  • Connections – the TELUS women’s network
  • Eagles, our Aboriginal team member resource group
    • Eagles members recently hosted and took part in National Aboriginal Day events
  • Mosaic, our team member resource group for new Canadians
    • Mosaic members are hosting Taste of TELUS multicultural potluck luncheons across the country this week
  • Spectrum, our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allies (LGBTQA) team member resource group
    • Spectrum members will be taking part in Pride events this summer in Vancouver, Prince George, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Halifax

Check out our report and learn more about how we are embracing diversity and inclusiveness to develop lasting connections with our team members, customers and communities.

Hope you enjoy celebrating Multiculturalism Day.

Fiona Easton

Manager, Diversity and Inclusiveness