L’effet A: It’s your turn to take the challenge!

L’effet A (which translates to “the A Effect”, with the A standing for “ambition”) is a movement founded by five leading Quebec businesswomen1 who set themselves a 100-day challenge: to take a set of concrete steps to stimulate leadership among women, who are still vastly outnumbered in many management circles.

Isabelle Hudon, Executive Chair for Sun Life Financial in Quebec, and the initiator of this project, set an additional challenge for herself: to identify 24 emerging Quebec businesswomen and inspire them to attain C‑suite positions over the course of their careers. To do so, Isabelle convinced a dozen company directors, including TELUS’ François Gratton2, to join her challenge and to select two young female leaders in each of their businesses.


We were thrilled to have been selected for this 100-day experience, during which we immersed ourselves in the executive leadership world. We were invited to attend a series of meetings, cocktails and training sessions, where we were honoured to meet hundreds of inspirational role models.

Ably guided by our sponsors Isabelle Hudon and François Gratton, we enjoyed an incredible experience which elevated our ambition, passion and self-confidence to new heights. Today, we would like to share the tips and advice which most resonated with us.


Adopt the seven following behaviours to change your day-to-day life and become a better leader – and yes, this advice pertains to you too, gentlemen! It’s your turn to take up the challenge.

15_00417-01EN_0615_00417-01EN_0715_00417-01EN_0815_00417-01EN_0915_00417-01EN_1015_00417-01EN_11One hundred days—that’s all it takes to become better leaders. You are now poised to take up the challenge and further your ambitions. Visit L’effet A’s Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages or its website to share your achievements and obtain many helpful tools!

Nadia Furer and Lysiane Proulx

Isabelle Hudon’s and François Gratton’s sponsorees for L’effet A

[1] Sophie Brochu (CEO of Gaz Métro), Marie-Josée Lamothe (Director of Brand Strategy at Google Canada), Isabelle Marcoux (Chair of the Board, Transcontinental) and Kim Thomassin (Managing Partner, McCarthy Tétrault), as well as Isabelle Hudon (Executive Chair, Quebec, and Senior Vice-President, Client Solutions for Sun Life Financial), who initiated this project.
2 François Gratton is Executive Vice-President, TELUS and President, Business Solutions East and TELUS Québec.