Names to Know: Greg Gabel, Product Marketing Manager

As a Product Manager with the TELUS Product Marketing team, Greg Gabel has one of the most exciting roles at TELUS. Customers come first at TELUS and Greg’s job is to ensure that their experience is seamless from end-to-end. We asked Greg how his education and background lead him to TELUS and why he’s proud to be part of the team. Here’s what he had to share and some advice for aspiring marketing professionals.

How would you describe your role to someone outside of TELUS?

Ha…I’d simply describe it as fun! To elaborate, I’d add that as a Product Manager I have the pleasure of leading marketing projects that fall within TELUS’s top priorities. Since TELUS customers are always a priority, the projects I manage and execute directly impact their experience and journey with us.

How long have you been with TELUS? Can you describe the career path you’ve taken to get where you are now?

I’ve been at TELUS for two years now and am almost one year into my second role with the company. TELUS came into my life largely due to my sincere passion for consumer electronics and telecommunications. After completing my MBA at McMaster University, I knew I wanted to help telecom and consumer electronics companies bridge the gap between the complex technology and consumer needs by marketing these solutions in a digestible way. After getting a sense of the amazing culture at TELUS, it became clear that it was the best choice for me and my career.

What is one particular achievement or project you’re particularly proud of? Why?

One of the most interesting device projects I helped lead last year was the launch of the BlackBerry PRIV device (Blackberry’s first android phone). I have always been a huge advocate of BlackBerry software so I’m likely being biased here. Nevertheless, this was one project where we worked in tandem with the manufacturer to test and launch some cool customer programs for the first time. For example, we converted our online device simulator into a digital test drive so that interested customers could get a virtual hands-on experience of what the device could do. This tool drove a lot of traffic to telus.com in the week before launch and helped drive very strong opening week sales.

I think having the freedom and autonomy to experiment with projects like this is a major benefit for TELUS team members. It really allows us to find creative new solutions and improve existing approaches.

What are some words of advice you would offer to someone looking to work in your field? 

I generally stress three key ingredients when it comes to wanting to work and succeed in the telecom space:

  • Passion: Why does this industry/space matter to you? Show your passion and by sure to showcase why this area of work matters to you and what you want to bring to it. It’s amazing to see the ideas that are born and the challenges that are overcome by passionate people.
  • Interpersonal Skills: No matter what company you work for (especially when it comes to technology-centric companies), it is critical for you to be able to work well with many different people and personalities. Being able to connect, communicate and collaborate with all the various personalities within a company is important as there will always be things you won’t know and many people you will need to rely on in order to succeed.
  • Problem Solving: I recommend you look through every element of your work with a problem solving lens. It’s easy to get caught in the weeds before understanding the problem you are truly trying to solve. Tackle each project, task and request by defining the problem you intend to solve and be absolutely clear and concise on what that problem is. Doing work for work’s sake is silly – everything you do should be centered on driving tangible outcomes by solving real problems.

How would you describe the TELUS culture? How has it impacted your role directly?

The TELUS culture is the biggest reason why I’m here and it is by far TELUS’ greatest competitive advantage in the market place. It’s a modern, progressive, and performance based culture. TELUS is not about being in an office from 8:30am to 5pm and wearing a suit while sitting at a desk. At TELUS, the culture focuses relentlessly on driving positive customer outcomes and working in an environment that breathes collaboration, mobility and speed. Bottom line – it has the perfect mix of being fun and challenging.

Greg’s nailed his description of TELUS – challenging, fun and flexible.  Simply put, TELUS really is a fantastic place to grow professionally. If you’re looking to join one of our progressive marketing teams, or if you’re interested in another role with TELUS, be sure to check out our current job opportunities.