Names to Know: Michael Dittrich – Director of Consumer Solutions and Customer Experience

As director of Consumer Solutions and Customer Experience, Michael Dittrich has a very important role at TELUS. As a company obsessed with putting customers first, teams like Michael’s are responsible for “walking the talk” every day. To help understand Michaels’s career path and current role, we asked him what it took to get where he is today and why he’s proud to work with our team. Here is what he had to share with aspiring professionals.

  1. How would you describe your role to someone outside of TELUS?

I’ve had the privilege of working with a very special team focused on improving how we, the TELUS team, serve our customers. The innovative initiatives that we champion create tangible benefits for our customers and team members. Identifying key customer pain points and resolving escalated issues are just two ways we continually work to put our customers first. The results of the recent CCTS report showed that TELUS received the fewest complaints amongst the national carriers. Results like this show us that we’re on the right track and also inspires us to continue to do better.

  1. How long have you been with TELUS and what was your career path that led you to your current role?

After 19 years in telecom I was very fortunate to be invited to join the TELUS team in 2006. I began with TELUS on our Customer Solutions Delivery team as the General Manager for Northern Alberta, and then transferred to Vancouver in 2009 where I broadened my experience supporting the national build Project Management Office within Tech Strategy and most recently Executive Client Relations within the Customer Experience organization.

An expectation of leaders at TELUS is that they have, at some point, worked in a role where they directly help customers. I think my earlier experience as a technician really helped set the foundation for the way I approach my current role. This experience helped me better understand the technical elements of the business, customers’ expectations and simply how to get things done.

  1. If you could choose one current project that you are most proud of, what would it be and why?

What I am most proud of is our team’s unwavering commitment and focus toward putting our customers first – we want our customers to Expect More from us and in turn, we know we need to Expect More of ourselves. The team has been tremendously committed to working together to give our customers more, which has produced a remarkable 97% team engagement score and has seen many of our team members receive top internal recognition as Customer First Champions and Unsung Heroes.

  1. For someone looking to be in your position one day, what would you recommend that they work on to ensure they are successful?

As individuals look to grow both personally 15_00152-03-Infographic-MikeD-715x1430and professionally I always recommend focusing on the following:

  • Build a strong personal brand by demonstrating your ability to deliver.
  • Develop strategic thinking skills. Analyze the business landscape and emerging trends. This should provide you some foresight while developing proactive plans.
  • Create and nurture your network of colleagues. These strong relationships can help you better communicate and deliver ideas across your organization.
  • Coach your team. Not only will it help them deliver in their current roles, but it will also set them up to become future leaders.
  1. How would you describe the TELUS culture and how does it fit in with your role?

Our culture at TELUS is rooted in putting customers first, which we do by leveraging the remarkable talents of our extremely engaged team.

For instance, our remote workplace solution, Work Styles, allows me to better connect with my national team. I work from numerous locations to have better interaction with each member. Having that face-to-face time certainly helps me build relationships while allowing me to better convey my expectations or provide support when required.

Professional development is another cornerstone element of the TELUS culture that I believe has shaped my approach. Every team member has the chance to improve their skills and grow within the company.

As I mentioned previously, my experience as a technician really shaped how I approach things today. Better understanding the technical aspects of our business, customer expectations and the team layout from the bottom up has really helped me get things done.

The passion and constant improvement that Michael and his team deliver acts as the foundation for our customers experience. Want to be part of a team with core values that put people first? Check out our Careers section and learn more about opportunities with TELUS