Proud to celebrate diversity at Vancouver Pride

On August 3, I participated in the Vancouver Pride parade along with many other TELUS and Caya team members, family, friends and an amazing crowd of community supporters. To put it into words just how much I enjoyed the experience, I’ll quote one of my favorite songs from the movie Dirty Dancing …”I had the time of my life!” 

It was an incredible celebration of diversity and I am so proud of the compassion and the genuine connectedness that I saw and felt from my colleagues. There were lots of smiles, hugs, cheers and dancing! Oh yes, there was lots of dancing! But for me it was more than just having fun at a parade. I truly felt the deeper meaning and purpose of this celebration. I’ve learned there’s a real momentum behind this support that is fueled by our team members’ desire to make a difference. At TELUS, it’s in our nature to care. Without a doubt, I can tell you that this is not just an advertising slogan – it’s a mindset that our team members have embraced and demonstrate proudly in our community.

I’ve been incredibly inspired by working with members of Spectrum, TELUS’ employee resource group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allied (LGBTQA) team members. With more than 700 Spectrum members, we help support TELUS’ vision of diversity and inclusiveness and deliver on our brand promise – the future is friendly – to LGBTQA customers, team members and community members. Not only is the Spectrum team helping to create an environment where our team members can be authentic and honour their true selves, they are also striving to make TELUS the most LGBTQA-friendly company in the communities where we live, work and serve.

At TELUS, we know that truly understanding our customers begins with the knowledge and appreciation that they are unique and shape a rich tapestry of backgrounds, traditions and perspectives. I believe this awareness begins with engaging the hearts and minds of our team members. And this is the reason why I chose to get involved as an ally to support and advance Spectrum’s vision.

While I love all the glitter, glam and celebration of the Pride parade, I’m truly awed by the tremendous kindness, caring and empathy that I‘ve seen from the people who participate in this resource group along with the team members I proudly marched with last weekend. We want to champion change – and together we are making a difference.

I am proud to be part of a company that truly celebrates diversity and inclusiveness and inspired by the work that we are doing to help make the future friendlier for our customers, team members and community. Now that’s something to celebrate!

To learn more about diversity at TELUS: HERE