Public Records announces 30 music video projects funded by TELUS

We saw an article in Forbes the other day talking about the revival of music videos as an art form. YouTube has become the go-to place for discovering new music, and having a unique, creative video is definitely one of the best ways for an emerging artist to uncover new fans.

Public RecordsWe partnered with TELUS to help make that happen by supporting the future generation of musicians and filmmakers in BC and Alberta. What’s awesome about our partnership is that Public Records and TELUS truly share a worldview and passion for supporting great talent, and understand the role that a company like TELUS can play in propelling a young artist’s career forward.

In 2013 TELUS funded 28 music videos in 15 communities, you can check them all out on Optik Video on Demand or at optiklocal.com. Here’s one of our favorites:


We’re excited to announce the next round of grant recipients from the Winter 2014 Music Video Fund, supported by TELUS. Watch for these videos to premiere on Optik Video on Demand in June. They are:

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Dan Costello is the co-founder/digital director at Public Records.