Roadside Assistance

111As a Field Support Manager, I’m always on the road to help service our clients. Between traffic and accidents I’ve seen it all, but there is one morning that really stands out to me. Last year in late November, I remember driving along my regular route between our offices in Kelowna. There were strong winds and freezing rain was falling heavily. The faces of the other rush-hour commuters were just as gloomy as the weather.

As I headed east on the bridge to Kelowna, I noticed a car stuck in the far left lane of westbound traffic. Cars were veering dangerously close to the stalled vehicle as they noticed it was immobile. A few other drivers had avoided disaster by mere seconds.

No one was stopping to help.

20141124_094618At my first opportunity, I turned around and drove back to the stalled vehicle. A mother and her baby were its only occupants. After pulling my truck up behind them and turning my hazard lights on, I introduced myself and offered to help. The mother was panicking and welcomed the support.

Leaving my truck on, I invited them to stay warm inside until the RCMP and tow truck arrived to move the car. To avoid getting hit myself, I placed pylons at the rear of my TELUS truck while directing traffic to drive cautiously around both our vehicles with my ‘slow’ sign.

20150609_154546_resizedBefore leaving the scene I left the mother with my business card and let her know she could call me if she needed any more help. Using the contact info on my card she had sent me this wonderful thank you letter a few days later. Sadly, there wasn’t a return address. So if she’s reading this, I’d like to thank her for the kind words and let her know it was the very least I could do.

To this day, I think of this as an act of good faith that I’d hope to see from anyone living in my community. I’d like to believe that someone would come to the aid of my wife or loved ones if they were in need.

A long time ago, one of my old managers shared a few simple words with me: “Who can I help? What can I learn?” He was trying to say that when you see someone in need, it could be the worst event or time in their lives and by helping, it can teach us something about ourselves. I think this sentiment reflects the “expect more” state of mind at TELUS and how we’re always looking for new ways to help and improve.15_00341_nfoimage-03