Stranded in the snow

Imagine yourself holiday shopping, and after a stressful day you return to the parking lot to find that your car won’t start. Now imagine it’s a cold, snowy and windy winter day, and you have a crying newborn baby with you.

As a mother of four, this is what my nightmares are made of, and I will never forget the day that this nightmare was a reality for one of our TELUS customers.

Mrs. Gill had been shopping with her young baby girl and was stranded in the cold after her car battery died while at the mall. Unsure of where to turn for help, Mrs. Gill called TELUS to see if we still offered a roadside assistance feature. Sadly, I had to inform her that the feature had been discontinued and replaced with direct coverage through Dominion Automobile Association (DAA).

I suppose I could have simply apologized and connected her to DAA, but being a mother myself, I just couldn’t leave Mrs. Gill out in the cold – I knew there was more I could do to help. What she needed was an affordable tow truck that could take her to her local mechanic as quickly as possible. So I kept Mrs. Gill on the line and quickly started calling through a list of tow truck services in her area. You might think finding a towing service would be easy, but finding an option that fit Mrs. Gill’s budget and could come promptly took some serious effort. Luckily, I was able to connect with a wonderful local tow truck driver who offered an affordable flat rate and had instilled confidence in me that he would take extra-good care of Mrs. Gill.

Once again, I could have stopped there, but I imagined myself in Mrs. Gill’s shoes and decided that there was still more I could do to help her out. While Mrs. Gill waited for the tow truck to arrive, I contacted her mechanic and explained what had happened. They were able to book her an appointment later in the day, but I went on to inquire if it was at all possible to squeeze her in sooner to save her from a long wait with her baby. The mechanic was very understanding and confirmed with me that they would help Mrs. Gill as soon as her car arrived.

By the time I was finally ready to end my call with Mrs. Gill, she was ecstatic that someone cared enough to go above and beyond what she expected and turn her whole day around. It was touching to hear the sincere gratitude and relief in her voice when she knew that her nightmare was over.

Moments like this really stand out to me because they remind me how much I love what I do. As a Client Service Representative I get the opportunity to help customers all the time. It’s already gratifying when I can improve someone’s day by helping them with a billing or service issue, but it’s truly magical when I know I was able have a real impact on someone’s life.

I know that sometimes, calling their telecom provider with an issue is the last thing that some Canadians want to do, so I am always looking for ways to go beyond simply fixing a problem to truly making someone’s day. I’m always expecting more from myself so our customers can see that we genuinely care about the person on the other end of the line.