Successful beta pilot STORYHIVE helps emerging talent tell their stories

What does an indie-rock/choral doc, a musical romp about film school graduates, a love story on BC craft beer, a short political character-driven drama, a live-action animated adventure and a delicious farm-to-table cooking show all have in common?

They all deserve a round of applause. On behalf of TELUS, I am pleased to announce the awardees for the Vancouver-based beta pilot of STORYHIVE. With the community’s stamp of approval, we are distributing 6 compelling video-based projects a production grant of $5000 each and distribution support to share their stories on television and other TELUS Optik Local (TELUS Community TV) platforms.

Here are the top 6 projects (in order of ranking):

  1. INDIEKOR: Music, Youth, Documentary – Go backstage as the Coastal Sound Youth Choir prepares for Indiekör. Indie music. The Salteens. 65 teenagers. Go.  (From non-profit Choir Director Carrie Tenant and Green Couch Productions, Michelle Allan @GreenCouchSesh).
  2. AFTER FILM SCHOOL: Music, Mockumentary, Fiction – What happens after film school? For these Vancouverites, it’s a darkly comedic combo of debt, depression & death—with a musical twist.  (From Capilano College Film school alumni and emerging talent, Joel McCarthy, Joel Ashton McCarthy Media @joel_mccarthy).
  3. BREW LOVE: Micro-economics, Culture, Local Business, Documentary – Brew Love: A story about the passion, explosive growth, and cultural importance of craft beer brewing in BC. (From Social Media Marketer and emerging talent, Jeremy Dyson, Third Tribe Productions @JeremyDyson). 
  4. EYE FOR AN EYEMulti-cultural, Politics, Fiction, Short Film – A man is torn between reality and revenge when a sudden family tragedy and his girlfriend’s unexpected announcement collide. (From Independent Producers, Momona Komagata and Karin Maxey, WriterGirl Productions @EFAEFilm).
  5. GIRLS WITH SWORDS: Arts, Animation, Fiction – Girls with Swords is a frenetic, live-action-meets-animation adventure through a fantasy world of 8-bit RPGs and Table Top Gaming! (From Independent Producers, Kial Natale and Paul Lowey, Gloo Studios @gloostudios).
  6. COOKING WITH TIM: Arts, Educational, Instructional, Pilot – A modern instructional cooking show about how to prepare delicious food that is all sourced locally and yet still affordable. (From Emily Carr Graduate & Emerging Talent, Mitchell Stookey, Combination Films @CombinationFilm).


A new original concept from TELUS, STORYHIVE is a Kickstarter-inspired social platform connecting the community with ideas, talent, audiences and opportunity. STORYHIVE is an incubator, a hive for local content creation, designed to award community members production grants from TELUS to share their stories on television and other digital platforms using a crowdsourcing model. There is no other social platform that gives people the ability to pitch an idea, plan a production, connect with creative talent, build an audience and receive funding support to bring their stories to life.

Our goal with STORYHIVE is not only to give the community an opportunity to make video content, but also the ability to curate that content through social voting. It’s such an exciting, innovative way of giving the community a voice in what they want to see in Optik TV (On Demand) local programming and we are so proud of this initial beta release.  

Interested in joining the official Season 1 of STORYHIVE?

We will re-release the platform for our official Season 1 launch in select BC and Alberta markets in the fall (TBD).  You can also check our Optik Local site for more information or email us at storyhive@telus.com.

Many thanks to the STORYHIVE community for making the beta pilot season a great success story.

web: http://storyhive.optiklocal.com twitter: @storyhive  Facebook: www.facebook.com/storyhive 

Prem Gill, Director, Content for TELUS, is a passionate ambassador for local content creation and a loves to urban farm. She was recently named in a Globe and Mail article referencing the Globe’s power list of 10 women who matter in English Canada as film and content creators and decision makers. A member of the TELUS team since 2008, she drives the development of content for Optik Local community programming, which is available on demand to Optik TV subscribers and publically through the Optik Local website.