Take the TELUS 31 Day Sustainability Challenge


This past January we ran a really fun campaign called #31DaysofGreen – did you participate? In case you missed it, not only was the blog post one of our most popular of 2013, but we learned a lot from our community. We were really impressed with how many of you participated; here are the top 5 tips you tweeted:


Now we’re getting set to kick off #31DaysofGreen again for 2015! If you haven’t already guessed it, we are pretty passionate about sustainability here at TELUS and are always looking for a ways to raise awareness and share what we’re doing for the environment. And since January is also the month when many like to make New Year’s resolutions, we think it’s a great time for everyone to participate in a challenge that includes resolutions not just for our own health, but the health of our planet.

This year, we changed things up a little. Instead of simply sharing our green tips with you, we’ve reached out to some of our friends and followers that participated last year to ask for their help in gathering some of the best eco ideas out there. We can’t wait to share them with you and hope that you’ll keep sending us your new ideas too. This is your chance to join us too as we kick off a New Year sharing simple sustainable tips we can all keep in mind as we aim to be a little more environmentally responsible.

Follow us on Twitter @TELUS starting on January 1 and watch for daily “twips” (see what we did there?) using #31DaysofGreen. You never know, we just might have some eco-goodies up our sleeves to give away!

Thanks for joining us on our continued journey of promoting a sustainable culture. Let’s roll up our environmental sleeves and take a stab at learning a few new ideas this coming year. As our friend @Enviro_Dad says, we need to “stop thinking of sustainable living as ‘alternative’ living. It’s mainstream, it’s easy and it makes perfect sense!” We agree Eric! Every little bit counts, and after all, it’s in our nature to share.

To find out more about sustainability at TELUS, visit telus.com/sustainability and check out our 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Colleen Dix is a Sr. Sustainability Manager at TELUS