Team members sharing their vision of love and pride #ShareLove

With Montreal Pride fast approaching, I must say I feel privileged to be part of a company that celebrates the diversity of its team members and customers. As Co-Chair of Spectrum Quebec, a resource group for LGBTQA TELUS team members, I have always felt that our individuality has been celebrated and respected. It makes us more creative and open to others.

Many of my colleagues and I decided to unite our visions of pride and love in a video. For me, Montreal Pride is the opportunity to pay tribute to all the pioneers who fought with dignity for their rights and respect as human beings. I remember when I was younger people yelling obscenities at me and my friends during Pride. We don’t really hear that anymore today.

On August 14, let’s celebrate respect and accept the differences each of us hold dear. The world is ours for the making, and diversity is the key to success and prosperity. See what my colleagues think, and join us in sharing this video and #ShareLove message.