TELUS’ tech guide for a successful school year

Today is September 1, which means it’s officially back to school time! As much as we love the classics – pens, rulers and Hilroy notebooks – these days it takes more than that to properly prep for the school year.  To get you ready, we’ve created a list of must-have tech that will send you to the head of the class.

15_00594_02[16]The moto-x-play-blackclassroom is no place for texts or calls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your back to school purchases and trade tech tips with your pals between classes. Whether you’re the proud new owner of an iPhone 5c, Samsung Galaxy S5, Moto X Play or a spiffy hand-me-down, make an appointment with one of our Learning Centre Specialists. You’ll discover things you never knew about your phone and impress your friends with the knowledge you picked up over the summer.

15_00594_03[7]NCAS2127This is your chance to show off those fashion-forward accessories. Pop a Kate Spade or Ted Baker case on your phone to not only protect your device, but also keep it looking its best. You can choose from a wide variety of prints to find the one that best suits your personal style. Worried that a case won’t keep your smartphone safe enough? Consider signing up for TELUS Device Care for even more peace of mind.

15_00594_04[7]WNBCH1055hen it’s time to buckle down and learn, look to apps to keep you organized and engaged. Our personal favourite app this school year is gFlash+ because it provides a modern twist on flash cards and makes studying – dare we say it? – fun! Also check out Notability and Dropbox to keep you organized. With your phone acting as your personal study buddy, you might need a little extra battery power. Grab a mophie charger to stay powered up on-the-go.

15_00594_05[7]NAUD1032For many of you, school doesn’t end just because the bell rings. After-school activities are a great way to stay fit and have fun. Whether you’re part of the football team, track and field, or a dance crew, music can power your workout. Solo athletes may want to lose the wires and grab a pair of Bluetooth enabled headphones. For those of you on a team, share your favourite tunes using an app like Songza and the JBL Pulse portable speaker. Finally, don’t forget to wear a Fitbit to track your activities – consider it your fitness report card!

Follow our guide and we guarantee you’ll be too cool for school. With just a few new tech tools, you’ll be more organized, motivated and entertained until school is out again next summer. Now, get back to class!