TELUS Tech Life Hacks

Creating your own Macro lens 

While Smartphone cameras are capable of capturing truly amazing pictures, they simply aren’t designed to take up-close macro shots. Luckily, our friend and YouTube tech enthusiast, Matthew Moniz, has a life hack that will allow your smartphone to capture vivid photos of even the smallest objects. Learn More


Extending the life of your charging cable 

If you plan on staying connected, maybe with the fear of missing out in mind, then you probably always have a charging cable nearby (unless you’ve purchased a battery backup of course). The problem is that these cables can only handle so much wear and tear… Learn More


DIY Mounted phone charger 

Chances are that you sleep with your phone charging nearby. Your cluttered cables are an eye sore and a potential tripping hazard as you inevitably lurch out of bed. If you’re ahead of the game, you’re probably using a wireless charging station. If not, then you might find this mounted charging solution useful! Learn More


Cable Management 

You probably have a few electronics that you couldn’t live without; but chances are you could do without the clutter of their charging cables.

So unless you’re ahead of the game and already using wireless charging solutions, we have just the life hack for you! Learn More


DIY Speaker Dock 

You may not have a smart phone speaker dock handy when the urge arises to shake your booty, so being able to “MacGyver” something in the moment can make you look like a handy hero.
Learn More