The Power of Music

Music is not just something that you just listen too. Music is something you feel. It’s a constant melody that never leaves your mind, or a rift or set of lyrics that remind you of a memory. “Funny how a melody, sounds like a memory” is a lyric from Eric Church’s song “Springsteen” and is one quote that never leaves me.


People say that music is the most powerful drug on earth. My love for music started the day I was born. My late grandfather started things by spinning a Beatles record on the record player. “Penny Lane” is that one song always on my mind and it means so much to me because it reminds me of him.  Music is powerful; it reminds you of all the people you care about the most.

I began writing songs when I was ten years old; about the same time I picked up and began playing a guitar. I love writing music because it allows me to tell a story and share a memory. Whether it is driving that beautiful girl home on a Friday night and going 10 km below the speed limit because you do not want the special night to end or staying up until 3 am blasting country music by the lake on a summer night. Most of all music brings people together and connects people from all over the world through one person’s story.

Cole 2

Music has allowed me to meet so many talented and unique people. I have recorded with musicians and producers in Nashville, Vancouver and Calgary, and have written with songwriters from all over the US and Canada. I have learned so many incredible lessons from all these talented individuals, not only about music, but also about life. If you put your heart to something, there is no reason why your dreams cannot come true. It also helps surrounding myself with the most amazing people possible. My family, friends, fellow music industry folks, and my fans provide endless support. I truly am grateful.

Recently, I had the honor to play at Mayor Nenshi’s “Mayors Lunch for Art Champions“. It was another event sponsored by the great folks at TELUS. I was very thankful for the opportunity and it was amazing to be surrounded by many talented artists and successful business men and women. I am very grateful for these opportunities and I never take these special moments for granted. Music has opened so many doors for me by giving me the opportunity to meet so many interesting people and sharing special memories. Being up on stage, and telling my stories is what allows me to make connections with the people who listen to my music. Music is so powerful and I am very grateful to be surrounded by it every single day.

Cole Hruska is a 16-year-old aspiring singer-songwriter from Calgary, AB. Follow him on Twitter at @ColeHruska.