To us, every animal is like family

This spring two giant pandas are coming to Canada as part of a conservation exchange with China and, along with animal lovers across Canada, we at TELUS are excited to welcome them to their new home at the Toronto Zoo.

It’s no surprise, given how closely our brand is identified with the TELUS critters, that we feel as if every animal is like family.

In fact, TELUS team members and retirees have given more than $5 million to animal-related causes since 2000. This year we also began a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund that will help keep Canadian critters safe for years to come.

The zoo recently held a special gala celebrating the pandas’ arrival and raising money for panda conservation. It was a thrill to be there on behalf of TELUS, the gala’s reception sponsor, supporting the zoo’s work to rebuild the giant panda population and protect its habitat.


Animals are close to our hearts and our brand and the giant panda has been a common request from both our customers and team members when we ask them to help choose the latest star for our ad campaigns.

However, we abide by a strict animal-protection policy; and since the giant panda is endangered, we’ve never considered using one in our advertising…until now.  For the first time, our TELUS ads are featuring computer generated critters, rather than live animals.

To create our CGI giant pandas, we used existing images and videos of pandas to build a digital model that was refined, groomed and textured until its skin, hair, facial expressions and movement were as lifelike as possible. The entire process took nearly six months!

Check out the latest TELUS ad featuring our newest star, the giant panda:

What’s your all-time favourite TELUS critter?