Today is National Tree Day

I love trees! Oh wait, I already said that in another blog post. Oddly enough, just yesterday my friend asked me how many trees  I think there are in Canada. I found thinking about it  as complex as thinking about space and infinity. Ok, back to business.

Tree_huggerYou may have noticed that we had a National Tree Day campaign supporting Tree Canada. You could visit the National Tree Day site and plant a virtual tree which would result in funding from TELUS going toward planting an actual tree. Our campaign was so successful we surpassed the original TELUS goal of contributing 5,000 trees by reaching our revised goal of  10,000 trees. So, thank you!

Today is National Tree Day (an actual official day passed in the House of Commons)! If you are in Ottawa you have the opportunity to go down to Vincent Massey Park atr 10 am and take in the festivities. Students and others will be there partaking in a numerous tree planting and educational activities. It’s a great place to take your kids if they are preschool age to start that early appreciation for trees. If you don’t live in Ottawa, there are events taking place all over Canada. You can find out what is happening on the National Tree Day Events Page.

Dom Repta

I don’t live in Ottawa and unfortunately I can’t actually partake in National Tree Day activities today. However, I do plan on taking my 5 year old to Cleveland Dam this weekend where there is a small pocket of giant cedars. One of the benefits of living in a rainforest!

So, while I don’t know how many trees are in Canada (is quabillion a number?), I do know that thanks to Tree Canada and with the support from you, we will now have 20,000 more trees than we did yesterday. That makes me happy.