We Remember

Every year on November 11, we pause to remember the brave Canadian men and women that have given their lives to protect our freedom. We connected with the co-chairs of TELUS Alliance – our employee resource group dedicated to supporting team members and family members who have served or currently serve in the military – to get their perspectives on why Remembrance Day is so important to them.

Kevin Vieneer and Pat Flewwelling, our very own TELUS team members, were kind enough to share a few words about their service and the importance of November 11.  We hope they inspire you to pay tribute to our fallen Canadian heroes, Veterans and servicemembers who serve our country, not only on Remembrance Day, but every day of the year. Here are the highlights from our conversations with Kevin and Pat.

For TELUS team member and member of the Canadian Armed Forces Kevin, it’s all about paying it forward to future generations.


“One thing I tell young cadets is that when their grandfathers and great-grandfathers were out on the battlefield in World War I and World War II, they were the age they are now – sometimes younger. I think it really does start to resonate with the cadets when they realize that these soldiers, at 16 or 17 years old, fought for the freedoms and the choices they have today. It really wakes them up.”


Like Kevin, Pat thinks Canadians should pay tribute not just on Remembrance Day but all year round, and believes our country would look very different if it weren’t for those brave generations before us.

37567_599769191777_1759228_n“Of course Remembrance Day is an important prompt to remind Canadians to reflect on those who have fought and are continuing to fight for what we take for granted. But for me, honouring these men and women is something I think we could do much more often.”



If you were moved by Kevin and Pat’s words, we invite you to help us honour the heroes who served Canada and the servicemembers who continue to protect our freedom and we’ll give $5 to the Royal Canadian Legion. #RememberThem