What World Cancer Day Means to Me

Imagine hearing the words “you have cancer”. That day came for me on a cold day in February of 1988. I was one of the lucky ones. When the words came to me I was already a few weeks post-surgery and they were followed with “we’re pretty sure we got it”.

Jennifer_KirnerEach year, the anniversary of my surgery and the day I became technically cancer-free, comes with mixed emotions.

I am grateful that I have had every day of the past 26 years. But, I was eleven at the time and I have spent the past 26 years worried. Worried that every little bump was more than just a bump and that every cold, skin discolouration or slightly off body temperature was actually something other than the flu, a freckle or a fever. Worried that I will hear those words again.

TELUS has a long history of supporting cancer causes including the BC Cancer Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Rethink Breast Cancer, and thousands of hospitals and health care centres across the country. Since 2000, TELUS and our team members have contributed over $17.5 million in support of research, early detection and treatment of cancer in Canada.

Many of the top charities supported by our team members through our Team TELUS Charitable Giving campaign are cancer-related. Not only does TELUS enable our team to give to the charities of their choice through this amazing program, they also match each dollar raised! Every year, the Hospital for Sick Children gets a donation from me as a thank you for the fantastic gift of life they gave me over 26 years ago (and counting).

Today, February 4, is World Cancer Day.

In celebration of World Cancer Day, the Alberta Cancer Foundation is launching a new campaign that will highlight the fact that every day in Alberta 43 people will be told they have cancer. Imagine how much that number grows when we expand it Canada-wide. TELUS has been a long-time supporter of the Alberta Cancer Foundation and we are proud to help them redefine the future for our families, friends and loved ones facing cancer in their lifetime.

Please visit www.albertacancer.ca/43 or join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #43AB.

If you want to know more about how TELUS supports cancer causes and our other community and team member programs, please visit telus.com/community.