Who uses a mobile wallet, anyway?

No matter what’s keeping you busy – kids, work, school – there’s a good reason you should try out the latest in tech: the mobile wallet! Mobile wallet apps live on your mobile device and hold virtual versions of your most commonly used plastic cards, including your debit and credit cards, gift, loyalty and membership cards. In the future, these apps will even hold identification cards like your passport as well as transit passes.


15_00188-06EN_03There’s no question that parents have their hands full – literally! A little simplicity would be nice, and that’s where the mobile wallet can help.

15_00188-06EN_04As a parent, you’ve got a long list of things to bring with you every time you leave the house. Not only do you have a stroller full of kids, but also a wallet full of credit, loyalty and membership cards for the whole family. Having these stored safely in your phone can make your wallet lighter and your life a little easier! How many times have you reached the checkout with a kid in one hand and smartphone in the other? In a flustered state, you are forced to desperately search for your bank card and, if you’re lucky enough to have it on you, your points card. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just tap the smartphone in your hand to pay, collect points, use a coupon and get an email receipt? The mobile wallet keeps things simple.

15_00188-06EN_05Running a company is more than a full time job. Many entrepreneurs work long hours, making their free time all the more valuable. The mobile wallet can help manage daily tasks, giving entrepreneurs more time to focus on things that they value most, like family, friends and growing their businesses.

15_00188-06EN_06As a business owner, your phone is at the center of everything you do throughout the day. You use it to managing meetings, speak with distributors, and schedule staff. Why not use it to reward your employees as well? Take the team out for lunch with the gift card you stored in your mobile wallet. Better yet, send a gift card to your colleague’s mobile wallet to thank them for a job well done. Not only will you boost morale in the office, but you’ll also save yourself a trip to the store. Now that’s efficient!

15_00188-06EN_07Whether they’re just starting university or in their last year of grad school, most students are digitally-minded.

15_00188-06EN_08As a student, you’re using your phone 24/7 for everything you do. You use it to track your steps while you’re out for a jog, manage your busy social calendar and connect with your pals. Next time you go out for a jog – leave your cash at home. If you finish your run and decide you want a post-workout smoothie, just tap your phone to pay. If you decide to follow your jog with a few errands, you’ll be ready to tap and pay no matter where you go. You can easily use your phone to grab a bottle of wine and collect Air Miles at the local liquor store. In the future, you’ll be able to hop on the bus to get back home by scanning the transit pass in your mobile wallet. You’ll also be able to receive customized, timely promotions from the brands you love most right on your mobile device!

No matter what you’re doing with your life, the mobile wallet can add simplicity and convenience to your everyday routine. With this app on your device, your phone will soon be an even better sidekick than it already is. So, what do you say; will you try it out?

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