Why Are We Developing a Masters in Leadership and Strategy Degree?

DogwoodThat’s a good question.

Why is TELUS developing a Masters in Leadership and Strategy degree?

I mean, isn’t TELUS an $11.4 billion organization that possesses a strategic intent to:

“unleash the power of the Internet to deliver the best solutions to our customers at home, in the workplace and on the move.

Yes. Yes it is.

And that’s precisely why we’re pursuing development of the TELUS Masters in Leadership and Strategy degree.

We are setting course for this new and innovative project because we want to make a difference in the professional lives of our team members.

Initially, we’ll open it up to TELUS team members who are recognized for their high potential and value to the organization. Once we’re through that phase, it will possibly be made available to others in the organization and even outside of it.

The objective of the proposed degree is to further nurture leaders who embrace the TELUS Leadership Philosophy and the Leadership Values that drive the TELUS culture.

More specifically, the TELUS Masters of Leadership and Strategy is designed to:

  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of the complexities of values-based leadership at TELUS;
  • Encourage a stronger comprehension of strategic context and management that is cross-functional and holistic in nature;
  • Develop a greater appreciation of the importance of our organization’s culture in driving one’s approach to leadership, strategic management and personal development;
  • Create resilient leaders who are driven by a relentless focus and a hunger for innovation, collaboration and change.

The themes we are focusing on include:

  • Organizational Culture and Leadership;
  • Strategic Planning and Management;
  • Driving and Managing Change;
  • Innovation and Leader Resiliency;
  • Financial and Operational Management.

And you can be certain the way in which this program will be developed will include the Pervasive Learning model where we treat learning as equal parts formal, informal and social.

We are in the midst of a formal RFP process with potential academic partners and look to announce something official by the summer of 2014.


Exciting times at TELUS. More to come in this space soon.