WWF and TELUS partnership encourages actions to help nature thrive

Almost every time I meet someone they ask “what can I do?”  It doesn’t matter where people live or what they do for a living, our conversations frequently turn into an impromptu brainstorming session about how we can do as individuals, and communities, to take action to help nature.

I love these conversations and the great ideas they generate. They inspire me to look at nature from different perspectives and open my eyes to the many ways that people actually connect to nature. What do the marine scientist measuring fish populations, the corporate volunteer picking up litter from a shoreline, and the youth leader challenging kids to be “eco heroes” have in common? They share a love for nature and a desire to take action to help nature thrive. And you can too!

Earlier this month we launched our expanded Go Wild Community Grants program with the support of TELUS. This is an exciting new step in our partnership, and together we can help Canadians to turn ideas into action.

Following a successful pilot earlier this year, and thanks to the generosity of TELUS, we are able to expand the Go Wild Community Grants program, which is designed to encourage Canadians to take an active role in helping people get more connected with nature and more involved in their community.

The program will award annual grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, to support creative ideas from Canadians on how to protect and restore nature, as well as help reduce the impact of climate change. We are now accepting applications for the fall granting period. The deadline for applications is December 21, 2015. You can check the details here.

The best ideas will be reviewed by our judging panel, which includes Canadian nature lovers:

  • Ziya Tong, host and producer of Daily Planet, Canada’s only daily science program
  • Les Stroud, creator and star of the original survival TV show, Survivorman, and
  • Arthur L’aventurier, explorer and youth entertainer.

We are inviting you to start your own conversation and submit your ideas for connecting people in your community to nature. Take a look at our Go Wild pilot program grant recipients stories here and share the information with your family, community members and friends about this exciting partnership.  Let’s Go Wild for nature!

Ready to Go Wild? Visit wwf.ca/gowild today to apply and we’ll help you turn your ideas into action!