A Gala to Celebrate YOU



Monday, March 4th was an incredibly powerful day at TELUS. And no, we’re not referring to the birth date of Catherine O’Hara although that’s pretty cool too.

You’ve no doubt heard by now that TELUS is on a quest to put you — our valued customer — first. In a symbolic move, our overarching initiative is called Customers First. Through myriad initiatives, programs and actions we are on a mission to improve what we refer to as ‘likelihood to recommend’.  In its simplest form, it is ensuring you have the most helpful, professional and efficient experience with TELUS such that you are delighted enough to recommend us to your family, friends and colleagues.

On March 4th, we recognized 250 TELUS team members (that’s what we call our employees) and their spouse, partner or friend by inviting them to Vancouver at the inaugural Customers First Champions Gala. In a swanky celebration held at the Vancouver Convention Center we took the time to recognize these 250 all-stars for their commitment to delighting our customers (YOU) in an event that brought home to me the unbelievable passion our team members bring to their jobs each and every day.

The event started with 80 senior leaders at TELUS forming a human tunnel where all 250 Champions (and their date) walked through as we clapped to their success and efforts. The looks on their faces was priceless. If looks could spell OMG, it ran pervasively across the Champions.

I sat at a table with four field technicians (and their spouses) who sublimely exemplified our Customers First Declaration. The experience resonated with me particularly so during one story that was shared not by one of the technicians, but by his spouse Stacey.

Their family van was packed up ready to enjoy an overdue vacation en route to sun and sand. The previous week, John had serviced one of our customers at their home residence for a technical issue of some sort – John remedied the issue and the customer was left happy.

Fast forward a week where John, Stacey and kids are on the road headed for holiday bliss when his mobile phone rings. During the on-site visit with the customer, John left his business card and encouraged the customer to call if anything else might go sideways.

As John’s business mobile phone rings, he had two options: ignore the call or take it.

What do you think he did?

Exactly. He pulled over, took the call and assisted the customer via his mobile phone – while en route to his family holiday – and remedied the situation.

But it gets better.

It was Stacey — John’s wife — realizing it was a TELUS customer on the phone, turned around and said to the boisterous kids in the back, “Kids, silence please … your Dad is on the phone with a TELUS customer.”

Wow. Our journey is extending to the many spouses, partners and family members of our TELUS team members.

Which brings me full circle to the Gala – it was an honour to be a part of this event witnessing the collective power of our front-line team members and their demonstrable stories of putting our Customers First. This will now become an annual event as a way of reinforcing to our team members that we will not waver until we become the very best at customer service in the markets we serve.

I just hope they don’t have any footage of me doing Gangnam Style on the dance floor.

 Gala Dancers