Bjarke Ingels Set To Change The Calgary Skyline with TELUS Sky

Get ready Canada! In 2017, the skyline of one of our favourite Canadian cities is set to become a whole lot more beautiful. Thanks to the creative direction of “Starchitecht”, Bjarke Ingels, TELUS Sky promises to transform Calgary’s corporate-centric, 7th avenue block into a walkable, dynamic community.

 “Architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings actually fit with the way we want to live our lives.” – Bjarke Ingels, TELUS Sky Lead Architect, BIG

Office buildings should be both beautiful and functional. At TELUS Sky we’ve challenged the status quo. We designed from the inside out, thinking of people and experience first. TELUS Sky will enrich the city’s vibrant arts culture by offering inspiring public spaces that will exhibit works of art by local artists, thus creating a truly amazing destination for our team members, the community and all Albertans.

Not only that, but the 750,000 square foot skyscraper was designed with energy efficiency in mind and will be Calgary’s first development built to current LEED Platinum standards. TELUS Sky provides 100% fresh indoor air supply and the highest levels of natural light in the Calgary market, it consumes less water and other resources than its peers, and in its construction and operation will source materials locally and those that do not contain substances harmful to the environment.

It’s hard not to be impressed with Bjarke Ingel’s work on TELUS Sky. He does something very important nowadays; he combines his work with a larger social purpose. “If you’re just reaffirming the status quo, then you are missing the point that the city is never complete. So every project we do somehow has to count,” said Ingels.

Get to know TELUS Sky’s lead architect just a little better in this interview he recently did with 60 Minutes:

60 Minutes/

TELUS Sky won’t be the only world-class building at TELUS. Click to learn more about our recently opened TELUS Garden in Vancouver.

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