Defining our corporate culture

According to Oxford Dictionary
culture is defined as:

“the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively”

I think it’s easy to make the case that ‘corporate culture’ is one of those ‘other manifestations.’ When people band together under a common mindset using common lexicon, behaviours and attributes, it’s easier to achieve goals and priorities.

Our CEO, Darren Entwistle likens culture to being the single biggest competitive advantage for team members at TELUS. That is, without a rocking culture, it wouldn’t be a great place to work for any of us and we wouldn’t be demonstrating sound business results.

We were recently honoured by the Waterstone Human Capital group as having one of Canada’s 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures. Waterstone states this national program “annually recognizes best-in-class Canadian organizations for having a culture that has helped them enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage.”

I found the description of the award comforting because that’s exactly what we’re trying to do at TELUS. Every day, team members from all parts of the planet are using (and building) the culture at TELUS to improve their own performance – or that of the team and organization – using it to our competitive advantage.

Take for example our decision to launch this blog.

If TELUS didn’t believe in itself, if it didn’t have the confidence in its culture to let team members openly blog about the inner workings of the organization, if it didn’t have a systemic leadership framework that drives consistency in behaviour, we probably wouldn’t have launched this very site you’re on right now.

Another example is our YOU strategy. It says a lot about an organization’s corporate culture to not only put forward a Customer Declaration; it’s of a whole other level when the first three words are pure honesty:

“We’re not perfect, but our employees are deeply motivated to consistently delight our customers. We know that getting better means making sure we’re listening to you. That’s why we’re embracing new ideas that will make your TELUS experience better, every day. We’re on a journey to build on your trust by being clear, helpful and dependable. In other words, at TELUS, we put you first.”

This blog, our YOU strategy and countless others are examples of the TELUS culture in action. It’s the culture that is driving our business results.

Over the coming weeks it’s my intention to highlight some of these examples in this space, ideally attesting to the award and tremendous honour mentioned above.

For now, why not watch a short video about Richard Pang who details his six years at TELUS and how he’s progressed to different roles within our unique culture.