How we’re celebrating Environment Week

Environment Week is not only a significant time of year for our sustainability team, it’s also near and dear to many of our team members across TELUS. This year, we’re recognizing Environment Week in a number of ways that I’m pleased to share with you.

Since 2005, TELUS’ Green Team network of team members has been passionately volunteering their time to promote environmentally sustainable living at home and at work by:

  • encouraging team members to address climate change and reduce their carbon footprint
  • minimizing consumption of resources
  • reducing pollution generated and enhancing waste diversion programs
  • promoting green commuting initiatives such as telework, public transit, biking and carpooling

This week, our TELUS volunteer Green Teams of more than 120 volunteers will be out in full force, hosting events to raise awareness about sustainability and conservation, encouraging TELUS team members, family and friends to live healthier, greener lives. Our team members are being invited to participate in a commuter challenge, enjoy a Green Team-sponsored farmers market and plant trees and gardens in their neighbourhood. I have the great privilege this week of helping our TELUS House Toronto Green Team launch our communal garden –the first of its kind in the Greater Toronto Area.

Another key way we celebrate Environment Week is by launching our annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR). Our 2013 report measures our sustainability performance and highlights how we are delivering on our future-friendly promise to balance our economic, social and environmental contributions as we strive to be a socially responsible corporation.

In our CSR report you will find examples of our environmental leadership with an emphasis on how TELUS technology and innovation – like our TELUS Health solutions, our Work Styles telecommuting program and our commitment to LEED-certified workplaces – supports our organizational objectives while helping our customers meet their own personal sustainability goals. We know that a healthy planet matters to our customers, and I hope you will see by the progress we’ve documented in our CSR report, that it matters to us, too.

Our strong economic performance allows us to invest in the infrastructure that connects Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast and empowers us to give back in an important and enduring way to our communities. Our CSR report highlights our progress toward achieving our climate change objectives and the many initiatives being undertaken right across our organization to ensure that we make TELUS as green as we can.

Here are some key highlights from 2013:

Solid waste diverted from landfills

Reduced e-waste:

Recycled wireless devices Recycled refurbished and repurposed

Hazardous waste:

Liquid and solid chemicals recycled Batteries recycled Paper purchases reduced

We are making significant and important progress toward our sustainability goals. I am proud of what we have achieved to date and of the TELUS team’s ongoing commitment to exceptional environmental stewardship and responsible corporate citizenship.

I encourage everyone to find a way to do something green for yourself or your community this week – and if you have any ideas on ways TELUS can do an even better job with our sustainability programs or initiatives, make sure to let us know.
Happy Environment Week, everyone!