Leadership and Canada Geese Do In Fact Fly Together

V formationI need your help.

I’m on an internal campaign here at TELUS to make Canada Geese one of the critters we use in our commercials and marketing.

Now I’m in absolute love with our most recent campaigns including the Clapping Otters and the Wake Up Panda commercials. I’ve got young kids and it makes them smile every time.

But I want to lobby you – the TELUS blog reader – to help me get Canada Geese on the waiting list of critter approval.

Here’s why:

  • They fly in a V-formation (technically known as a skein) which improves coordination, communication, collaboration and energy
  • They rotate leadership within the V-formation so everyone gets a chance at the front and at the back
  • Other than hockey and donuts, is there anything more Canadian?

This brings me to the point about how Canada Geese fly right into our leadership strategy at TELUS.

Across our organization, we truly believe ‘culture is a competitive advantage’. As such, we launched something called the TELUS Leadership Philosophy (TLP) which is a framework for all 40,000+ team members to draw on as a source of leadership definition. We believe ‘leadership is for all’ at TELUS, and the TLP lets each and every one of us speak the same language, conduct our actions in the same manner, and treat our customers, community and team members in the same fashion.

It’s similar to how the Canada Geese fly from point A to point B; they do so as a unit, sharing the load and working together.

The TELUS Leadership Philosophy is depicted by four key pillars:








The video you see below is 2 ½ minutes of insight from eight different team members who share their interests in the TLP and its benefit to them and the organization. (there is a longer version you can see here as well)

What strikes me in the video is how TELUS has become one giant V-formation flock of Canada Geese.

So, if I get a whole bunch of comments from this post, maybe I can convince our Chief Marketing Officer to use Canada Geese in our next commercial.

What do you think? Will you fly with me?