Leadership Can Be Future Friendly Too

We’re busy like beavers right now planning, meeting, discussing and configuring a suite of technology tools that will improve the user experience for 40,000+ team members across the globe.

DogwoodExcited doesn’t begin to explain our demeanor right now.

In late 2012 we entered into a partnership with SuccessFactors – a cloud-based talent suite company now owned by SAP – where we will be launching new and improved applications to our workforce that include learning, collaboration, compensation, performance development, career development amongst other cool tools. The first apps come online July 2, 2013.

It’s an unbelievably difficult task as many of our current applications have been kicking around since the days when grunge music was still cool. The teams working towards the implementation, therefore, have been witnessing a lot of change and a lot of new learning. (and not a lot of Alice in Chains or Nirvana)

Change is at times begrudging and ironic. We want it, but it too can be quite challenging.

I sent the following words out to some of our team members a few weeks ago via email and I thought to myself, “why not share it on the TELUS blog too.” After all, leadership can be both future friendly and open too. I’ll let you know how the first phase goes in July. (maybe I’ll quote a Pearl Jam song)

Hey all,

Well, now that “May the Fourth Be With You” is over and my 7 year-old can refrain from using that joke for another year, I was looking ahead to the calendar and made myself laugh when I thought out loud, “Did July 2 Me?” … (ie. Did You Lie To Me?) … and our pending SuccessFactors launch date of July 2nd.

No, I didn’t lie to you.

It’s hard, I know. I said it would be.

Change is difficult, particularly change of this magnitude.

Not only are we continuing to keep the lights on with our involvement on enterprise-wide and business unit specific programs alongside enterprise-wide systems (Learning Gateway, SharePoint, Confluence, Buzz, etc.) we are all learning the SuccessFactors modules of Learning, Jam, 360 and Employee Profile (amongst others) in various degrees of depth and breadth.

For all of us it’s a change … but it’s a change on top of the normal demands of our world.

That is for many of us, it feels like we’re doing two if not three jobs right now. (geez thanks Dan, like we didn’t know that)

But I want to state that each of you are performing beyond a ‘belief in spirited teamwork’ and far outside ‘a courage to innovate’. You are the personification of the TLP [the TELUS Leadership Philosophy] – a truly collaborative, open and results driven group keeping the team member experience at the forefront of your mind, be it with the SuccessFactors project or the in-flight deliverables under our direction for 2013.

It is – and continues to be – an honour to serve alongside your efforts.

Let me also be the first to congratulate you on yet another outstanding achievement; TELUS has been selected as one of the Learning! 100 Award Winners … a global honour putting TELUS in the top 100 of all learning organizations as recognized by Elearning! and Government Elearning! Magazines.

By refusing to let the status quo shape our identity or the TELUS team member experience, you should be proud of your collective (and collaborative) achievements whether recognized externally or by what you’re doing between SuccessFactors and our 2013 deliverables.

I’m reminded of a Steve Jobs quote where he said, “Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future.”

Rest assured, you are.

PS. I’ll be cancelling a few meetings to free up some white space for you to decompress and get stuff done. Thanks again for your contributions and over the top efforts.

May the force be with you. ;-)