On Launching a Culture Change Consulting Shop

TreeToday we announced a rather interesting new venture for TELUS.

TELUS Transformation Office – or TTO for short – is an innovative new consulting arm that aims to assist organizations looking to improve their own internal culture, employee engagement and personnel practices.

Throughout TELUS, we believe that “culture is our competitive advantage” and have successfully progressed through our own cultural transformation.  Since 2007, we’ve witnessed employee engagement shift at TELUS from 53% to 83%, the highest of any organization globally of its size and workforce mix according to Aon Hewitt.  At the same time, we’ve maintained the top spot amongst global telecoms for total shareholder return, seen a dramatic decrease in customer complaints and received a number of awards and accolades for both our customer service and company culture. That is to say, we’re a working model of employee engagement in action.

As news of our world-leading employee engagement and award-winning corporate culture spread, we received a number of requests from customers and partners to learn more about our cultural transformation, which led to the creation of TTO. Not only are we proud of our accomplishments, we’d love nothing more than to share our journey with our business customers. After all, our community tagline is “we give where we live”, so naturally it’s in our corporate DNA.

I know what you’re saying.

“A telecommunications company is now in the business of culture change?”

You bet. While there are a number of organizations that provide consulting services, we not only offer firsthand experience, we have the unique ability to combine leadership consulting with technology expertise to drive very compelling results.

TELUS Transformation Office provides strategic analysis, consulting and learning services that focus on five key tenets of organizational culture change:

  • telus-to-icon.leadership-frameworkLeadership – a clear and effective framework to promote the right leadership behaviours at all levels within the organization.
  • telus-to-icon.connected-learningDigital readiness and connected learning – a digital strategy that blends collaborative technology and innovative learning programs to support diverse learning styles and employee demographics.
  • telus-to-icon.careersCareer and talent services – an easy-to-understand framework that that helps employees excel in their current role while developing the knowledge and skills to support their career growth.
  • telus-to-icon.onboardingOnboarding and induction – comprehensive orientation programs that engage and inspire employees from day one.
  • telus-to-icon.flexible-work-stylesFlexible work styles – a complete change-management program to help companies make the shift to a work environment where employees are empowered to work where, when and how they are most effective.

If you or your organization is interested, we’re here to help. Check out our website. We’d be happy to chat. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with two items to ponder … a quote and a video about TTO:

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”  Lao Tzu