TELUS named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers 2016

diversity-2016-englishCanada is built on the foundation of diversity and inclusiveness. As an employee, I want to work at a company that values and honours the diversity of its team members, one that recognized that the different beliefs, lifestyles, abilities and perspectives can add great value to our shared experience and inherently, our collective corporate vision.

Today, I’m proud to say that TELUS has once again been named as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers, being recognized as a leading organization for creating inclusive workplaces for employees from diverse groups.

When I joined TELUS in 2014, I was impressed to learn that TELUS’ fundamental belief was that we create innovation through diversity of thought. I saw this commitment further demonstrated through the different employee resource groups available to employees. These groups provide team members the opportunity to come together and connect on both personal and professional levels and offer support through mentoring, networking, peer support, volunteering and coaching. These diverse groups include:

  • Abilities – team member resource group for people with varied abilities
  • Alliance – resource group for team members who are/were part of the military community
  • Connections – the TELUS Women’s Network
  • Eagles – our Aboriginal team member resource group
  • Mosaic – team member resource group for multiculturalism
  • Spectrum – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and allies (LGBTQA) resource group

The commitment to diversity extends also to the companies we work with. TELUS runs a 12-month supplier diversity mentorship program which features a unique “Executive Protégé Program.” Diversity-certified companies can participate in a mentorship program, working with a TELUS executive to develop strategies to strengthen their business and participate in various training and development opportunities.

It feels good to work for a company that recognizes the value diversity brings to the table while at the same time understands how identity plays a large role in the experiences of its employees.

Our company is filled with outstanding individuals from a cross section of backgrounds. I asked three of my colleagues to share a little bit about their personal experience at TELUS. Here’s what they had to say:


TELUS’ deeply-rooted commitment to diversity and supporting LGBTQA communities across Canada was a big factor in my interest in becoming part of the TELUS team. Since joining TELUS, I became a regional co-chair of Spectrum – TELUS’ LGBTQA team-member resource group – and am constantly impressed and inspired by the genuine passion and commitment from all levels within the organization to embrace diversity and actively promote education around LGBTQA issues. TELUS is not only walking the talk but setting a new standard for LGBTQA community engagement in Canada.




I worked for TELUS International in the Philippines and the company sponsored me and my husband to join the team in Canada that supports Facilities Management System and Enhanced 911 emergency response system. Having the support of a company behind you that appreciates the value you bring to the organization while embracing diversity had a huge impact on my life.

Additionally, participating in our TELUS Day of Giving and seeing the volunteer work that we have done, giving back to our community, I can say that I am truly proud to be a TELUS team member.



I knew instinctively that diversity matters for TELUS. My company is committed to appealing, developing, mentoring, supporting and retaining the next generations from diverse backgrounds. The company’s engagement with diversity has clearly been reflected in employee satisfaction, customer focused work ethics and decision making. As an employee, I am confident that TELUS will continue to achieve business breakthroughs with diversity being at the core of its creativity and innovation.

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