The Brain Gain at TELUS

Do you remember the 1990’s and parts of the 2000’s when all the rage in the media centered on Canada’s brain drain to the United States?

At the time I dearly wished one of my neighbours might have taken the plunge, but I digress.

At TELUS, we believe in ‘brain gain’. Sure, we love welcoming new team members to the TELUS family but that’s not what I’m referring to.Brain Game

When we say ‘brain gain’ at TELUS, we’re referring to our actual brains. You know, the cranium, the cerebrum, the cerebellum? We’re committed to taking care of our brains, looking at ways to improve those neurotransmitters, synapses and neurons to strengthen memory, retention and of course being able to answer tricky questions on Trivial Pursuit.

IBM’s Watson has got nothing on us.

How are we doing it?

Well, we’re first starting with our high potential and high performers at the organization through a program we call Leadership NOW.

Within this year-long program we’ve committed to improving knowledge and awareness of our brains with this cohort of roughly 900 team members through an organization called … wait for itNognz

Cute, eh?

A few things we accomplished throughout the offerings included:

  • brain basics, advances in neuroscience, five pillars of brain health
  • differences between left brain and right brain thinking
  • right brain thinking in a left brain world
  • how the brain pays attention
  • multi-tasking myths

Nognz even developed an online healthy brain program with exercises, planning & tracking tools and personalized brain fitness recommendations.

And where did we do this?

None other than TELUS Collaboration House – a virtual world run completely online with avatars, break-out rooms, and lasers. (yes lasers … but I’ll save that for a ‘brainy’ day)


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