The Journey Through an Infographic

For those that know me — at least enough to share a beer — I’ve been yapping about the culture at TELUS since I arrived roughly four years ago.

We thought it might be a cool ‘future friendly’ idea to capture parts of our evolution in an infographic. You can download it and share with your friends; we’d be delighted.

The particulars outline the link between a more open, collaborative and participative culture with a change in learning models — from an event training only model to a formal, informal and social learning paradigm — juxtaposed against corresponding increases in performance and employee engagement.

It truly is a team effort and there are loads of additional data points we will surface in this space over time. This first infographic demonstrates our commitment to provide an environment for our team members that is spirited, innovative and engaging.

And in our opinion, the results are par for the course. (if par is 80% employee engagement – now firmly nested within the top 1% globally)

Kudos to Team TELUS. Or is it Koodo?TELUS_LEARN_WEBLayout