We’re Working Hard to Make You Happy

For a lot of companies, “complaint” is a dirty word. But at TELUS, we take every piece of customer feedback, both good and bad, as treasures – invaluable information that helps us improve. We know we need to listen to our customers so we can provide an even better customer service experience. This philosophy is at the heart of our commitment to putting customers first.

Each year, the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) releases an annual report that reveals the complaints received against Canadian telecom providers. For TELUS, this report is a key benchmark for how well we’re listening and learning, and a golden opportunity to identify where we can continue to get better.

That’s why we were gratified to learn this year’s report once again showed another dramatic decrease in the number of complaints against TELUS – a 26 per cent drop. This marks our third consecutive year of double-digit declines. Over the past three years we’ve seen complaints against TELUS drop by 53% – a result that substantially outperforms the rest of the industry.

We know we’ve still got work to do, but with millions of customers and only 653 complaints, it’s clear we’re on the right track. To put our results in perspective, we’re one of Canada’s largest telecommunications providers, yet we account for only 5.8% of the total complaints received by the CCTS. Please take a look at the infographic below to see how TELUS stands apart from our competition.

By listening to our customers and taking action, we’re leading the industry with customer-friendly initiatives like rewriting contracts in plain language; eliminating activation, renewal and cancellation fees, and reducing international roaming rates by up to 80 per cent.

Every day we’re looking for new opportunities to make our customers happier. Since the last CCTS report we’ve simplified our Optik bills to make them easier to understand, expanded social media support for customers and extended our call centre hours to make it more convenient for our customers to get in touch. We’ve also introduced iPhone loaners to improve our repair program experience for Apple fans … to highlight just a few examples.

If you’ve got any feedback on how we can continue to get better, please head on over to the TELUS Neighbourhood and let us know.

TELUS customers are happy customers