What being a Customers First Champion means to me

In preparation of our second annual Customers First Champion awards on April 14, I wanted to share my personal experience as a team member being honoured as one of TELUS’ winners.

PandasReceiving the Customers First Champion Award has been encouraging and exciting, but also humbling. Many of my colleagues have a fantastic focus on connecting effectively with their customers and I believe they all are deserving of such an award. The biggest compliment I can receive from our customers is when they tell me that my Project Team has become an Extension of their own team. When that happens everything becomes possible, it means we have built trust. We are then fully focused on finding a solution and implementing it to successfully complete goals together. Putting customers first aligns very much with my personal values – which is, respecting and valuing people, no matter what their walk of life. From the homeless people I volunteer with, to the most successful people I know, each one has something to offer. I have a really great support system at home and at the office. My faith, family, friends, my manager, and coworkers give me insights and inspire me to improve professionally and personally. So, I feel privileged to receive this recognition as many factors contribute to making us who we are. It is great that we have TELUS mandates such as the Customers First initiative that truly focus on Business Success, but also on things that matter in the bigger picture of life.

Indira Manuel is a Senior Client Project Manager that has been recognized for her constant commitment to delighting our customers (YOU).