#31DaysofGreen inspires thousands of acts of green – and social media discussion

Social media has been one of the greatest tools for cultural influence in recent years. If you can find something that resonates with your community of social media followers, great things can happen. Enter #31DaysOfGreen. The #31DaysOfGreen campaign (for those who don’t know) was an idea which challenged our social media community to consciously participate in one green act for the entire month of January and share their actions via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the #31DaysOfGreen hashtag. Considering this was our first month-long campaign focused on sustainability, we did not have a benchmark for success. After all, what does success in social media look like?

Thanks to our social media community (that’s you!) our #31DaysOfGreen campaign was extremely successful. We had more mentions of the hashtag than we could have imagined and our reach was to millions of social media users.  Here’s a look at some of the results:


Top Influencers

Here are some leading social influencers who blogged, tweeted or commented on our campaign:

What have we learned from this? If you create an idea that people can relate to and make it easy for them to participate, they will. Also, we now know our community is really interested in learning more about living a more sustainable life and engaging with us along that path.  One of our highlights of the campaign came from 10-year-old blogger and budding eco-hero, Call Me Hannah.  Being officially “middle aged” and a father of a five year old, I found reading Hannah’s blog inspiring because it best illustrates the cultural shift we are experiencing.

One person said they were sad that #31DaysOfGreen was over and asked what’s next. We are working on that now and the bar has been set high. We’re up to the challenge and can’t wait to share our next idea with you.

Thanks to everyone that participated!