#31DaysofGreen Kicks off 2016 with Sustainable Tips You Can Use

I love this time of year because I have the time to reflect on the accomplishments we’ve achieved in the world of Sustainability at TELUS.

My role is a pretty cool one. I get to work in sustainability, which is an area of the company that is constantly challenging traditional notions of how we as a business operates and makes decisions, by constantly factoring in the planet and our communities.

A couple of years ago I came up with an idea called #31DaysofGreen that was a different type of New Year’s resolution. What if we shared tips and ideas about how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle? Would our customers be interested? Would our team members? The answer was a resounding YES and what grew organically was a community of people that got involved to promote a more sustainable way of life. Our TELUS friends and colleagues shared tweets and photos with #31DaysofGreen and helped us spread the word.

Now that 2016 is just around the corner we’re putting the bow on the top of our plans for this January’s #31DaysofGreen campaign. We’ve partnered with a local Vancouver start-up called Tradable Bits to bring new fun and engaging ways of getting involved. We don’t want to reveal all of our secrets just yet, but rest assured, we feel that it will be our best year to date.

Follow us on Twitter @TELUS starting on January 1 and watch for daily tweets that will reveal each #31DaysofGreen tip. You never know, we just might have some earth friendly goodies up our sleeves to give away!

Thanks for joining us on our continued journey of promoting a sustainable culture. Let’s roll up our environmental sleeves and take a stab at learning a few new ideas this coming year.

To find out more about sustainability at TELUS, visit telus.com/sustainability and check out our 2014 Sustainability Report.

Colleen Dix is a Sr. Sustainability Manager at TELUS