5 apps to help keep your 2017 resolutions

Every January, I write down my New Year’s resolutions.  But over the next few months they fall to the wayside as  I become ‘too busy’ or ‘overwhelmed’ with my regular day-to-day, telling myself, ‘it’s okay, I’ll try again next year.’

But not this year!

You know the saying, “you can’t do a job without the right tools”? To help accomplish my goals for this year and achieve success in 2017 I’ll be using the following apps as my personal toolkit:

Mint (iOS / Android)

Are you looking to travel more? Buy a new place? Score some new wheels? Unless you’ve discovered the literal money tree then you’ll need to do some serious budgeting. Mint is an app you’ll see recommended time and time again as it does exactly what it promises, and it does it well. Mint will help you monitor your spending habits, create savings goals, all while helping you reach them.

HabitBull (iOS / Andoid)

New Year’s resolutions are often about breaking old habits as much as they’re about making new ones. HabitBull builds on the premise that when you can see the pattern in your bad habits you become more aware of your actions and more likely to take action. The app allows you to monitor your habits in real time and rewards you for meeting your goals.

Bonus: Following a similar approach, QuitNow (iOS / Android) is a great alternative for those looking to quit smoking.

My Fitness Pal (iOS / Android)

StayConnectedPromo_2x-ce243b9b936b2d6bd9701effd1de9912No one is saying the ‘new you’ has be an eight-pack toting gym-dweller but we can all stand to be healthier. My Fitness Pal allows you to monitor your calorie intake, diet and exercise routine. What’s more impressive is the app works seamlessly with Fitbit, Apple Watch and a number of other fitness wearables. This allows you to see your real time accomplishments but also your progress throughout the year.

Bonus: Going one step deeper, apps like Nutrino (iOS / Android) help you maintain a realistic diet based on your preferences and needs. Even allowing you to choose the best and healthiest options at nearby restaurants.

Duolingo (iOS / Andoid

If taking on a new language or sprucing up an older one is something you want to do in 2017 then I’d recommend Duolingo. This isn’t a replacement for a full blown language course but is certainly a great start. Fun and easy to pick-up, Duolingo frames the fundamentals of more than 20 languages in the form of mini-games. The bite-size form factor makes it easy to squeeze into your commute or any time you have between the regular events in your day.

Headspace (iOS / Android

Are you just looking to feel relaxed and grounded? Headspace wants to slow down and find a little inner peace. With the promises of less stress, more love and better sleep, the app guides users through meditation sessions ranging between 10 – 60 minutes, allowing you to find time to get comfortable in your own head.

These are the apps I’ll be using to guide me in the right direction for 2017. What do you have in your app catalogue that could help other readers keep their resolutions? Let us know in the comment section below or connect with us on Twitter at @TELUS.